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My long 2 and a half month Journey working on my first big movie “MAX” has come to its last day.  It sure was a great adventure and a great start into yet another great career path. I meet the most amazing people and it sure was a treat working with legendary stunt directors Doug Coleman and Brian Machleit as well as getting to work with and Double an amazingly talented up and comer like Josh Wiggins. He truly is the next Leonardo Dicaprio.

I will continue to forward this career path as well as juggle the progression of BMX and continue to compete professionally. I started in Tae kwon do classes and bit of Park core hear and there  at the YMCA to further my stunt resume and career path. I also have started to film A BMX edit at DDASC so keeping coming back to see when I set a date to bring it to you live on the web.

“MAX” will be in theaters around January 30th 2015

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