unnamed 150x150 Quarter century all ready ?

Its True Baby Keith is all grown up!

I just turned 25 years old on June 28th. Thats a Quarter Century that has past. 12 years of that Quarter century have been spent on my bicycle, 6 as a Professional rider. I am super motivated to start the year off right! I want to continue to progress at my riding (BMX) along with continuing to compete in BMX contest. I also plan to eventually film a 2014 BMX edit at DDASC. (Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex) so keep checking back to see when I get started.

I will also be hitting the gym and eating healthy to keep my self strong and tone, but first thing is first I started my new year or day of birth coming back to work on the movie MAX! What a way to celebrate my birthday. It really was great hanging out with the whole cast and crew as we worked on filming some of my stunt double action; jumping a mountain bike and crashing across a 30 ft canyon.

I finished off the night after a 13 hour day of filming and fun with a delicious meal at Cracker Barrel with all the stunt guys. I really have found a new passion as well as BMX and I really believe this is a start to an amazing chapter in my life. Im very thankful for this life and I will continue to make good use of it.

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