I recently mentioned that I would be juggling my BMX career with stunts and acting. I made the move to the movie world and recently spent the past five weeks doing stunt work on a movie called ‘MAX.’ I got lucky enough to double the main actor, Josh Wiggins, as ‘Justin’ which is awesome because he is an up and coming actor. He is a super nice 15-year-old and has been a treat to work with!

‘MAX’ is a PG movie and is for the whole family to enjoy! It is a movie about a little boy (Justin) and his dog (MAX) that come upon some bad guys hustling guns into America along with a few other predicaments along the way to keep you entertained. After, Justin’s brother passed away in war leaving his bomb sniffing dog to Justin and his family. You could say that Justin and Max have quite the task ahead of them before Justin and Max can save the day. Executing massive jumps and riding down hill mountain slopes, epic dog fighting and a bit of gun slinging along the way;  you could say that this movie will keep you on your toes and will leave you wanting more! It’s going to be an epic movie for all to go see, so do not miss out on this one.

From jumping mountain bikes 30 ft to bombing down huge mountain slopes, and let’s not forget about getting to eat a ton of food on set, this has been a real privilege to work on ‘MAX’ for my first Hollywood appearance. It truly has been an amazing experience, and I would love to pursue this career even more!

‘MAX’ comes out January, 30th 2015. Hope you all enjoy, and let me know what you think of all of the cool stunts!

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